3 Best Computers for Online Classes

Hey, if you want some really nice refurbished computers for online classes, check these out!

refurbished laptops and desktop computers for online classes

Online Classes are a Pain in the Butt

Have an online class that’s a real pain in the butt? And maybe in addition, you have a laptop that’s making that class even harder? Damn, that’s like a real nightmare scenario right there, mate. But let me tell you what can ease your pains at least a little: getting a new refurbished MacBook, laptop, PC, or iMac from Back Market.

Yeah, you’re a student, so you probably don’t want to spend much money either, so I’ll try to keep this list below $500. Plus, don’t forget about our student discount! We know that it’s stressful being a student, let us take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Option 1: Get a Cheap iMac or Windows All-in-One PC

If you have a set work area where you plan to work at home, I suggest getting a refurbished iMac. Why? Because they have much bigger screens than MacBooks, and thus can significantly increase your productivity. And now at Back Market, you don’t have to pay extravagant prices for Apple products. You can get a refurbished iMac for as low as $150, although I would suggest getting one for a little more (maybe at least $400) that’s slightly newer. Remember that the newer the computer, the longer it will last and remain snappy. But because these are Apple computers, expect them to last longer than their Windows counterparts. 

Also, remember that you can get a Windows all-in-one if iMacs aren’t your thing! If you don’t plan on moving around with your computer, I would suggest getting one of these desktops over a laptop.

Did you know that refurbished iMacs are lit?

Option 2: Perhaps a Refurbished MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

We know these are both great computers, and if you’ve ever used one, you know why. They feel great, work great, and are true wonders of modern engineering. But guess what, you no longer need to pay jaw-dropping prices for awe-inspiring products thanks to Back Market. Because these are refurbished, you can be sure they’ve been checked for any defects or faulty parts, and you can get them for as low as $150, although I would suggest getting a newer model and not paying less than $500. Also be aware that variants with Core i7 chips are usually faster than variants with Core i5 chips, but this rule goes out the window when comparing models from different years as Intel (the manufacturer of these chips) upgrades them annually.

Apple fans will love these refurbished MacBook deals

Option 3: Finding a Refurbished PC Laptop Deal

If none of these deals are good enough for you, check out Back Market’s refurbished laptops page and try to grab a newly discounted refurbished laptop that’s just aching to fly off the shelf. There are so many good products on the website from great brands like Lenovo, Dell, and HP, so don’t hesitate to grab one if the deal looks especially good! The biggest plus of Windows laptops is that you can get a much newer (and more powerful) laptop for the same amount of money as a MacBook. So if you want power and value, get a refurbished PC, if you want a streamlined and easy-to-use product with guaranteed longevity, a refurbished MacBook or iMac is your best bet.

These Windows laptops are fireee. Remind me, what is a MacBook, anyways?

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