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Our very best Refurbished iPhone:

iPhone 6s 16GB Gold - Unlocked
Works with:
-63% discount
Warranty: 6 months
Grade: Stallone
-5 oz of electronic waste

Review: Refurbished iPhone

«The website is wicked easy to use and navigate. So that's nice. #### I wish the was a way ...»

Michael G. - 7/7


Refurbisher: Smarter-Phone

Refurbished iPhone

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone :

Abdoulah B. - 13/04/19


It's really good company

LORETTA G. - 12/04/19


I'm so overwhelmed this phone is flawless it said it would have little dents little scratches it has nothing it's Flawless I'm so overwhelmed I give this 5 plus plus five more plus five more I would suggest everybody buying refurbished it good does good for the environment and you get a better product at a lower price it's amazing I'm so happy I give it five stars thank you so much and I will definitely be buying from you again thank you

Solange A. - 11/04/19


iphone 7 grade shiny / iphone was a different color than the one selected (black instead of silver), but that's not a concern for me. Screen looks like new. Back shows little wear, no scraches. Battery capacity is at 84%, which is OK for a refurbished phone. Price was great (aprox $280). Thank you!

Dennis N. - 09/04/19


These guys are top notch! Their customer service is second to none. Product was excellent! I highly recommend theses sellers if you are in the market!!

Alek J. - 07/04/19


Let me start off by saying that despite the few disappointments, I am rather satisfied with my first experience with Back Market. I purchased an iPhone 6s 64GB rated grade: Gold for $184 and change, a reasonable price for such a device in the described condition. To break it down, The Good: *The exterior of the device in nearly immaculate. *As far as I can tell the device is completely original, no aftermarket repair parts. *All buttons have a good tactile response, ringer switch is smooth. *Cameras function nominally, no damage to the rear lens. *Speaker sounds good, the earpiece is loud and clear. *Ambient light sensor works well, as well as the proximity sensor. *Headphone jack is tight and sounds clear. *Flash works well, all levels of brightness. *Overall a very clean and fully functional device. *The device was very well packaged, a well-sized box, bubble wrap, and a container not unlike the old style clear plastic Apple packaging. The Not So Good: *Because this phone is, as far as I can tell, completely original, the battery life is starting to dwindle. According to the battery health displayed in settings, it claims that battery health is 83% (running iOS 12.2). When my last iPhone (6s Plus) reached 79% it recommended I take the device to be serviced at an Apple Store, and no longer lasted a full day of light use. This isn't a huge problem, as I generally have access to a charger throughout the day, and I will replace the battery once my 6-month warranty has ended. However, I did expect just a little more from a "Gold" rated device. *This is not so much a complaint of the device, but rather of the services. I ordered this phone on 4/7/19 a Sunday, in the afternoon. The only option I was given for shipping was a generic 3-day service per UPS. Great, no problems there, I've always had good experiences with UPS and their estimates, it'll ship out on Monday and I'll receive it on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday at the latest. However, Wednesday came and went, then Thursday, Friday, and still no package, so I checked with the provided tracking number and the last update was, "Jacksonville, FL - 4/10/19". I inspected a little more, checking my order to make sure I had made no mistake. To my surprise, my order claimed that the package had been shipped UPS 2-Day Air, but when I checked with the tracking number on UPS' website, it listed the shipping service as UPS Ground, a service that takes 7-13 days to get a package from FL to my location. The package did arrive eventually, on 4/16/19, 9 days after I placed my order. I do not know if this was a mistake on the part of SmarterPhone or UPS, but I would advise anyone interested in trying Back Market not to put too much weight on the shipping times.

Jose P. - 05/04/19


Delivery was a day later but probably not the fault of the seller. Phone shipped next business day after my order. Wasn’t sure what to expect based on condition standards on the site. Overall I’m happy with the purchase. First off, the screen was flawless cosmetically. It’s a bit tricky to swipe up the quick settings pane but I can manage it. (May be the included glass screen protector that was preinstalled.) Based on those descriptions the unit I got feels like the outer case should be more Stallone. Outer case was 6/10 for considerable wearing of the black color, and scuffing on all four corners. The reason for a 6 though is a serious 2 cm gash in the metal casing. Functionality has been perfect. The a1660 model does work with Verizon without a problem. To me it’s not a huge deal though because I’m gonna put a case on it anyway. I was very satisfied with my purchase. I just wanted to give a detailed honest review. So buyers can have a less vague experience buying here because it is worth it.

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The iPhone! Not only the fame but a reference of smartphone generations! The success of the iPhone is not inexplicable. While it is indeed the product of fashion, that’s not the only reason of its success as competitions never manage this far to forget Apple iPhones. Looking back, ten years ago, the first iPhone was a revolution because all smartPhones were not very elegant, half keyboard and half screen. The following chronology of iPhone helps understand how the iPhone has revolutionized throughout these 10 years. On January 9, 2007, the original iPhone is born. It is called iPhone Edge; it appears as revolutionary by its absence of physical keyboard, with its wide touch screen and its fluid and intuitive software. In 2008, the iPhone 3G comes in with the same design with. It marks the arrival of the App Store. The following year, the iPhone 3GS enters the evolution of iPhone 3G with the same aesthetic but the 2Megapixel sensor of the iPhone camera is replaced by the 3MegaPixels one. The storage capacity is increased to 16 or 32 GB. In June 2009, the first iPhone to break the design of the original iPhone is the iPhone 4. The rear case is made of glass and the shape is rectangular. It integrates a new high resolution screen and can record HD videos. The antennas are hidden in the metal frame. After a year the iPhone 4S is the first to be revealed by Tim Cook, keeping the same design as his predecessor. The main novelty lies in software. For the first time, Apple is integrating the intelligent assistance called Siri. The photo sensor has also upgraded to 8 Megapixels. The iPhone 4S is the first to shoot in full HD. For the first time since 2007, Apple changes the screen size; the iPhone 5 is born with 5 inch display and add an extra row of icons on the iOS. A glass for case is now metal. The iPhone 5 is first product to benefit from the lightning charging connector. In October 2013, the iPhone 5S keeps the same design as its predecessor, the main novelty is the software level. The iPhone 5C comes the same year and is a generation of new design compared to previous versions. The case of the iPhone 5C is made entirely of plastic available in different colors. It takes the same feature as the iPhone 5. New change arrives in 2014 for the first time in Apple history. Apple offers two iPhones of different size: the iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5 inch panel. The design is completely revised. Both models have the same technical characteristics. In 2015, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus keep the same design of their predecessor. The visible novelty is the new color rose gold and the main breakthrough innovation hides in reality in the screen with the 3D Touch Technology with detects the pressure level of the finger of the user and allows varying features and options. In 2016, the iPhone SE resumes what is in the iPhone 5S. It is the least expensive iPhone of all previous Apple iPhone product. It uses the same technical performance as the iPhone 6S except the 3D Touch. The iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus arrives in 2017 and still remain with the previous design but all the components have been improved. The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone product to have the certified water resistance. Finally iPhone 7 Plus integrates a double photo sensor and optical zoom. Now this year 2017, Apple unveiled the new iPhone of the 10th anniversary, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the most waited device that has never been seen before the iPhone X … Without a doubt whether it a new iPhone, used iPhone, refurbished iPhone, the iPhone is the most sold smartphone in the world although it is not the best of the market. Because in terms of performance, some models are also above, however Apple’s smartphone is still among the best. It is excellent for photography as the Apple Ax Chipsets are among the best, the well-performed and the most powerful in the market, its screen has the best finish ever despite the size and screen ratio being far from the height. What makes it successful is that the iPhone brings together in a single product all the features that must eventually be seen in some OS competitors. In the meantime where other rivals come together to bring in one product technologies at the top, Apple on the other hand knows how to highlight the qualities of its iPhone better than any other brand. Apple may not offer the top of the top of smartphones for some shortcomings but it can highlight its strength. The idea behind the Apple iPhone does not say 'we do more' but 'we do better'. That is the entire philosophy of the brand. In order to have the 'wow' effect for example, the iphone 6s display screen is one instance when Apple has integrated the 3D touch technology, a great novelty for the first time in smartphone history where users feel 'amazed' and 'wonderful'. These arguments would be nothing without ultimate explanations. If the iPhone is still so successful, it’s simply because it is the iPhone. Apple is the first company to revolutionize the world of smartphone. Apple is the origin of the first application store, the forefather of the very principle of the application, the inventor of the all-touch screen, the creator of simple and ergonomic access to the internet. Thus every year, everyone and especially rivals always think of what could they have found to make a difference?