What's the Best Fitness Watch for Your Mom?

The best fitness trackers for moms :D

Our Favorite Fitness Trackers for your Favorite Mom

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Is the Apple Watch the best gift for fitness moms?

Different fitness watches are better for different types of people. If your mom is an Apple fan and finds style as being of utmost importance, then an Apple Watch should probably be your default choice.

Is the Apple Watch the perfect fitness device? No. It falls short in the amount of data that is displayed in the native Activity app, so if your mom is serious about comparing various fitness statistics over time, the Apple Watch may not be the right device for her.

Are there third party apps that you can install to get the most out of your Apple Watch? Yes. Does the Apple Watch have accurate fitness monitoring sensors? Very much so. But there are other fitness trackers that will give you more workout data straight out of the box.

What’s the best fitness watch for moms serious about working out?

If you have a mom that really loves running and wants to get into the stats of how to further improve her pace, then we suggest looking for a Garmin watch.

Although Garmin watches are not as flashy as products released by Apple, they have a much more in-depth app that’s perfect for fitness geeks and data lovers.

Other less-known brands for fitness geeks to pay attention to: Polar, Suunto, and Coros.