Best Christmas discounts on gifts for your boyfriend

Top 10 Best Holiday Tech Gifts for your Boyfriend

Updated on June 28, 2023

Updated Dec 5, 2022 - Shopping for your boyfriend might seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s hard to go wrong with tech and electronics and you’ll be sure to find a great gift that fits your budget if you shop refurbished. Here are a few gift ideas that will be sure to wow him this Holiday season.

Christmas Discounts for Your Boyfriend

Okay, maybe we’re overselling our gift  list a little bit. But if you’ve decided to go the electronics route we’ve got some great picks for different kinds of guys so you can feel confident finding a great Holiday gift for your special someone.

Our first bit of advice if you want to buy your boyfriend some tech is to stick with refurbished electronics. Yes, we’re saying that because we sell refurb, but also because refurb makes sense (which, um, is why we sell it). 

It’s hard to beat premium quality tech at the best prices out there, especially when it comes to gift giving. Part of what makes gifting refurbished gadgets great is that it’s also a gift to the planet — every item you buy is a way of supporting the circular economy, preventing electronic waste and lowering humanity’s environmental impact.

But let’s move on ahead and go straight to the prezzies!

1. iPhone: Go big for the boyfriend who always seems to 'out-gift' you

Does your boyfriend always seem to out-gift you with something that's clearly more than you spent on his gift? Turn the tables on him this year, while sticking to your budget!

New iPhones are expensive… too expensive. As much as we may love our partners, buying the newest $1000 iPhone is unreasonable—and unnecessary. Thanks to the refurbished market, you can still treat your boyfriend to an upgrade with an iPhone that still feels brand new yet costs a lot less than it did upon release. If you're not sure which model you should get, check out our phone comparison tool to help make an easier decision.

2. iPad or Tablet: For the boyfriend who could use a distraction

iPads and tablets are serious pieces of technology that allows for great entertainment on the go. That's perfect for your boyfriend who can never seem to sit still (especially one who travels a lot). You'll look like a gifting hero without needing to spend top dollar when you shop refurbished.

3. Galaxy Smartphone: For the boyfriend who turns your texts green

It can be annoying if your partner has an Android while you have an iPhone (insert crying emoji here) but what can you do? Everybody has his or her own preferences.

If your boyfriend is an Android fan and needs a new device, consider upgrading him to a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or LG. These are some of our favorite Android manufacturers because they offer great hardware with reliable OS updates and security patches.

4. Gaming Laptop: For the boyfriend who thinks he can go pro in gaming

This is a BIG gift (probably not for first Christmas gift exchange), but your boyfriend's jaw might drop if you stick this under the tree this year. This is great for the guy who you might have heard complain about an unfair advantage other gamers have if they play on a gaming laptop or desktop while he plays on a Playstation or Xbox. Put his skills to the test and see if he has what it takes to go pro - you never know...

5. Gaming Keyword: For the boyfriend who could use a leg up on the competition

Maybe he’s already built up his own gaming system, but does it have pizzazz?  A keyboard with all the bells and whistles, multi-color lights included show that you’re not just being supportive…you totally get it.

6. Film Camera: For boyfriends who prefer to experience life behind a lense

Nostalgia can be pretty romantic. Forget the filters and go lo-fi with an old school film camera to take with you on an impromptu road trip.

7. Apple Watch: For the boyfriends that are into data-driven change

With a new year coming up, lots of people create goals for themselves. But do they quantify those goals? Give your boyfriend the gift of self-knowledge with a smartwatch that has the power to track it all.

8. Soundbars & Home Theaters: The ultimate man-cave upgrade

Does your boyfriend love to talk about and spend time in his man-cave? Then consider giving him a serious upgrade with a new soundbar or home theater system...The only caveat is he may never want to leave his mancave again.

9. Go Pro: For the adrenaline junkie boyfriend

So maybe you're boyfriend has been to the hospital one too many times or is at least at higher risk for a visit due to his hobbies. But, adventurous guys who love the adrenaline rush of riding down a mountain, sky diving or surfing aren't usually willing to trade in their sport for a less-risky lifestyle. Might as well gift them something they'll use doing what they love with a Go Pro.

10. Hoverboard: For the urban explorer

Talk about a unique gift that he'll never forget! If you're boyfriend is an urban explorer, then getting him a cool and easy mode of transportation might just be the gift he's looking for. Hoverboards are great options, but if his balance isn't great, you can also consider an electric scooter.

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Written by Miguel Garza

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