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The Best Gift for Runners, Fitness Lovers, and Gym Goers: Fitness Watches

The best gift for any kind of fitness lover

Best Fitness Gifts: Fitness Watches

The holiday season is once again upon us, and many shoppers are looking for deals on fitness trackers. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, fitness trackers are a great gift idea for anyone getting started or currently on their fitness journey.

Let's take a look at some of the best trackers on the market today.

Are Fitness Trackers Really Worth It?

Fitness watches are especially good at tracking activities such as running, cycling, and walking. They have complex algorithms and sensors that give you an idea of how many calories you burned, how many steps you took, what kind of distance you traveled, and your pace.

These devices are almost essential for endurance athletes, but can be helpful for any person who is generally serious about getting fit and meeting their goals. Tracking metrics throughout your day like average heart rate, sleep cycles and food intake make it much easier for most people to hit their target weight.

Is the Apple Watch a Good Fitness Tracker?

It should be no surprise that the Apple Watch is one of the most intuitive fitness trackers, and it also has one of the best-looking interfaces. But it has one glaring problem compared to other fitness trackers: you get very little data to actually assess your workouts when compared to more specialized fitness trackers like those from Garmin or Fitbit.

Another setback, the Apple Watch requires more frequent charging due to all the different non-fitness features compared to fitness trackers from Fitbit and Garmin, which can typically work for up to a week on a single charge. And while most fitness trackers can work with either an Android or iPhone, you can only pair your Apple Watch to an iPhone.

Is the Apple Watch the best looking fitness tracker? It's a personal preference, but many people enjoy the Apple Watch for its aesthetics on the wrist. While I do think the Apple Watch looks great, I personally prefer a smaller watch band and face that doesn't feel clunky during a workout.

Is the Apple Watch Worth It?

Even thought the Apple Watch doesn’t provide the most in-depth fitness statistics, it’s one of the most advanced wearable devices currently on the market, and it’s well worth every penny if you want the best smartwatch money can buy.

What’s the Best Fitness Tracker?

If you want a fitness tracker that displays more in-depth relevant fitness data than the Apple Watch, consider getting a Garmin, Fitbit, or any other wearable that is specifically catered towards fitness junkies. Although the Apple Watch is super sleek, it loses out to these devices because of its inability to natively provide detailed workout summaries and track reps for gym-based workouts.