19 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Updated Dec 16, 2022 - There are plenty of love languages worldwide, but gifting works magic. Giving a special gift to your girlfriend helps convey that she's unique and you appreciate her presence in your life. Below are some incredible holiday tech gift ideas for a girlfriend that she'll love this holiday season.

The Gift of Tech for the Holidays

The Christmas season is one of the holidays most people look forward to, as it's a time for really appreciating your loved ones. It can be challenging to decide on a gift that'll impress your girlfriend, but the good news is you don't have to blow the budget to buy a thoughtful gift. Back Market has great deals on refurbished tech from favorite brands, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Bose and more. 

You may not have considered buying refurbished electronics before as a gift potentially because of it's perceived condition. However, at Back Market, we make sure all our sellers are meeting a high standard to make sure products are working like new. Your girlfriend probably won't even notice she's enjoying a refurbished product.

So if you're looking to splurge on a gift for your girlfriend and your shopping for electronics, then make sure to check out Back Market to help meet your budget. Otherwise, we hope this list can at least help you think of something great!

1. iPhone

Apple has made such a name for itself that an iPhone gift really just speaks for itself. They're lightweight and slim, with a sleek design, making them easy to carry around. They have an excellent camera, allowing users to get beautiful pictures and capture life's special moments. Your girlfriend will be thrilled with the massive storage capacity that ranges from 64 GB to 256 GB, and it has a long-lasting battery; so she can use it for the whole day without worrying about having to recharge it regularly.

Our range of iPhones starts from $70 for the iPhone SE model, which is a total bargain compared to buying a new one from recent series.

2. iPhone Case

If your girlfriend has an iPhone already, why not gift her a phone case? You can get different customizable cases from Back Market or choose from a variety of options from our sellers. Alternatively, choose a plain case in neutral or single colors for girls that have a pared-down style. We also have transparent and recyclable iPhone cases in our stores, that cost as little as $19.99. These cases have a one-year warranty and free shipping.