The 10 Best Holiday Tech Gifts Ideas for Men

Updated Dec 2, 2022 - Gadgets for guys? Kinda stereotypical. But if you’re set on shopping for electronics, gadgets and fun tech, this gift list is guaranteed to please all the different men in your life this Christmas and Holiday season (or any other occasion for that matter).

Gift Ideas for the Man in your Life

While it would be predictable for us to say that electronics always make the best gifts for men, we all know that’s not true. Men are people too, and some people like poinsettia plants. Some people like socks. Some people like personalized water bottles. We digress. The point is, tastes are individual. If you’re set on the direction of tech though, we’re happy to help you narrow things down. 

First things first, stick with refurbished electronics. Yes, we’re kind of obliged to say that, but if you give it a real think, you’ll see it also makes a lot of sense. At Back Market, you can get the look and feel of premium tech without the hefty price tag. To put it more bluntly: you can basically save a ton of money and still come out looking like a holiday hero. Also, whether it’s top of mind or not, the Earth is a gift that keeps on giving…but not indefinitely. Which is why sustainability is a nice cherry on top for everything we have on this list — no extra charge, of course. Only savings.

So let’s jump right in with the best tech gift ideas for men, each curated with your goals in mind.

1. Electric scooter: For the man that’s always on the move

Want to see a man jump around in excitement like he used to do when he opened presents as a kid? Say no more - an electric scooter will surely bring out his inner-child. This is perfect for the guy who chooses to drive when the destination is clearly walkable or for the constant mover who logs 15K+ steps a day.

2. The smartwatch: For the man who needs to track everything

Score brownie points with a fun gadget that he can use every day. Smartwatches have come a long way in just a decade and now we can track pretty much all aspects of our life right from our wrist. Just don’t blame us when he’s constantly bringing up his step count, sleep score, or resting heart rate.

3. The tablet: For the man who needs entertainment on-the-go

What better way to treat a guy who’s constantly traveling or for the little man in your life that needs a little distraction to give you some free time. Whatever the case may be, a Samsung tablet, Microsoft Surface or iPad will be a gift to keep him entertained for years.

4. The iPhone: For the ‘all things Apple’ Guy

If the man in your life can’t get enough of Apple products, there’s a good chance that his love for Apple all started with the iPhone. If that’s the case then he’ll be blown away with a gift that’s a model upgrade to his current iPhone. But we understand that these can be pretty high-priced gifts especially if you’re buying them new from the Apple Store. Luckily, you can find even the newest iPhone models discounted on Back Market, so be sure to check out our availability of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 smartphones.