The Best Christmas Gifts for Couch Potato Husbands

We guarantee your husband will love these Christmas gift ideas :)

Husband Christmas gift ideas
Your husband will love you 10x more after this Christmas

Does your husband spend a lot of time on the couch? For the first time in your life, you can be thankful for that, because it’s very easy to pick out a good Christmas gift for this kind of spouse :D

The perfect Christmas gift for surfing the web

Does your husband like surfing the web? Maybe he likes to stay updated on sports results, or maybe he does a lot of online shopping? The perfect tool for either of these hobbies is a refurbished iPad, and you can get one for around $200 on Back Market. This is the most intuitive tablet on the market, and is much easier to use than any laptop.

Just a suggestion: we don’t suggest getting an iPad that’s older than 4 years, iPads typically only receive updates for 5 years after their original release date, and afterwards they may no longer support certain apps.


Get your husband a new-to-you iPhone this Christmas

Is your husband starting to complain about his old phone? Maybe it’s something simple like a new battery that he needs to get his phone back up and running in tip-top shape, but maybe the device is already old and is due for a replacement. If that’s the case, we have a few suggestions for the best iPhones to get for this Christmas. Hint: the iPhone X, XR, and XS will give you the best value for your dollar this year.

Is your husband the creative type?

If your husband is into creative passions like photo/video editing or needs a good computer to work from home, consider getting him a refurbished MacBook—or iMac if you really want to spoil him with an awesome home office.

Not sure about which refurbished MacBook to buy? We wrote this article to help you learn about basic specs and how to find the best deal on a refurbished Apple computer :)

Do you have a husband that likes to stay in shape?

I know that this article was written primarily targeting couch potato husbands, but jokes aside, if your husband needs a little more motivation to get outside and exercise, a refurbished Apple Watch may be the perfect gift for him this Christmas.

Were these Christmas gift suggestions helpful?

Found something good to get your husband this Christmas? We sure hope so :P But even if these ideas don’t quite fit your husband, we hope you’re able to remember our marketplace for any future tech needs you may have. We have great prices on refurbished tech year round, so come back whenever you like :D

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