My Dad Loves Tech—What Should I Buy Him this Christmas?

The perfect Christmas list for dads :)

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Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Dad

Yeah, we all have that dad that is always looking for another gadget of some kind to add to his Christmas wish list. And we all know how dads can be; they can be very specific in what they want for their Christmas gift. But if your dad didn’t make it clear what he wants, we’re here to give you some budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas for dad :D

Christmas Gift Idea for Dad #1- iPhone

I don’t know about you, but my dad loves iPhones. If your dad has an aging iPhone and doesn’t want to spend the money on an overpriced new iPhone, consider buying a refurbished model. You can buy a refurbished iPhone in mint condition that won’t look any different than a new one. And it will come with the same 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Christmas Gift Idea for Dad #2- Headphones

My dad loves 70s rock. Yours might have a different taste in music, but every dad will love a nice pair of headphones! And the good thing about refurbished headphones is that they’re much cheaper, so you don’t have to skimp on quality. Get an awesome brand like Bose or Beats depending on what kind of taste in music your father has :D

Christmas Gift Idea for Dad #3- iPad

Is it just me, or do most dads like hanging out on the couch after a long day at work? If this sounds like your dad, then he would probably appreciate an iPad to browse the web while he’s hanging out on the couch, if he doesn’t have one already! Just something to keep in mind, iPads are usually supported with software updates for at least 5 years after their release, so I would suggest getting one that’s no more than 3 years old so that you—or your dad—still gets a lot of use out of it :D

Christmas Gift Idea for Dad #4- Apple Watch or Fitness Tracker

Do you have a dad that likes running? Or maybe he owns a small business and finds it crucial to stay on top of all his notifications? If you need the best smartwatch for staying on top of notifications, consider buying him an Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch. If he’s a fitness junkie and can benefit from tracking his running, cycling, or walking, we’d suggest getting him a Garmin fitness tracker.

Got Any Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad?

Maybe you got an idea that we didn’t think of while reading this article! That’s quite all right! Check out our main page for Christmas gifts for dad and remember that you can save a lot of money by buying your dad a refurbished Christmas gift this holiday season.

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