Top 12 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Updated Dec 13, 2022 - Remember when your dad used to dress up as Santa and make sure you always had your longed-for presents under the tree on Christmas morning? Now it's your turn to be Santa and to find the perfect gifts for your dad. It's payback time! Back Market has a wide range of products at unbelievably low prices. Below is a guide for gift ideas for dads that will brighten up their holiday season.

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Tech gifts for your dad without the high price tag

It can be difficult to express your gratitude for your dad in words, but a gift can help express how you feel. Finding the ideal present can be tricky, especially for dads who appear to have it all, but Back Market has some great ideas. 

What is Back Market? Back Market is an e-commerce platform that deals with refurbished products from your favorite brands, like Apple, Samsung and Sony. We work with a team of professional refurbishers to give life to used electronics, offering them a second chance. We believe in producing high-quality products that are affordable to our customers. Not only are our products great value, but they also help to minimize the carbon footprint of electronic waste. In the past few years, we have helped prevent megatons of electronic waste from going to landfills. 

Save money, help the environment, and make your dad happy with a new gadget- what's not to love? Read on for our top tips for holiday gift ideas for dads!

1. An iPhone for the Cool Dad

If your father doesn't own an iPhone, then why not surprise him with one this holiday? They're the perfect gift idea for your dad.

Even if he's already got one, treat him to an upgrade. Every day smartphones are getting smarter, and their features are evolving. He can use his shiny new iPhone to surf the web with a super-fast processing speed, and take beautiful, high-quality photos and cinematic videos with the high-definition camera. 

One big advantage of the iPhone is the high storage space that'll allow him to save videos and photos from family get-togethers, as well as documents and games. He'll love the secure iOS operating system thanks to its ease of use and seamless multi-tasking functions. In addition, the iPhone has an elegant, stylish unique design and slim fit that makes it easier to carry around. At Back Market, you can get pick up an iPhone 14 that has been refurbished with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, for as little as $683.99.

2. An iPad for the Tech Dad

An iPad is a great gift idea for your dad. It's a fun and effective tool to carry out work tasks, indulge your inner creativity, or just play a fun game. It's a lifesaver when working with apps too powerful for a phone, and it's more portable than a laptop, so you can get your work done anywhere, at any time. 

The cellular connectivity keeps you connected even without Wi-Fi, and it's super easy to access and manage files on the iPad, and iCloud. The Apple pen feature makes this the perfect gift for creative dads who like to draw, plus it allows you to sign documents, take notes, and convert handwritten notes to typed texts. When it comes to downtime, the widescreen  is perfect for watching sports or catching a movie. The iPad is the ultimate gift to express love and gratitude to a father. You don't have to break the bank to find an iPad for your beloved dad because Back Market has a catalog of iPads starting from as little as $89.00. 

3. An Apple Watch for the Health-Conscious Dad

Does your dad have a tendency to misplace his phone and have a hard time finding it when he's in a rush to leave? The perfect gift idea for your dad;an Apple Watch, which makes finding his iPhone easier with its GPS tracking system. The Apple Watch has a wide array of functions, such as receiving notifications for phone calls and texts to your wrist and allowing you to respond to them with a simple tap.

The Apple Watch isn't just a timekeeper; it's also a fitness tracker that keeps a record of the steps taken each day, as well as the calories burnt. It's like a gym buddy on your wrist, which is perfect for helping your dad to keep track of his health. It allows you to play music while offline (perfect for long walks or hikes) and you can pay using Apple Pay if you forget your wallet. Some of the recent models also has a lifesaving feature that can send an SOS for emergency services like paramedics and police. A fabulous gift idea for dad and you can pick up an Apple Watch starting from $70.

4. AirPods for the Musical Dad

If you're always catching your old man desperately trying to untangle earplug wires, then it is time to get him some AirPods. These cordless earplugs are connected to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth. Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, they give you a fast and stable connection when switching between devices. Another cool feature is that they can sense when you put them on and pause when you remove them. 

AirPods are great for running, working out, or playing sports, as they don't fall off easily. They have a long battery life, give up to five hours listening time, and, with just a 15-minute charge, can go an extra three hours. At Back Market, we have 2nd generation AirPods starting from just $100, which is 22% less than buying them new.

5. TVs and Home Theatres for the Fun Dad

Some dads like to venture out to watch their favorite movies or sports, but others like the comfort of their own home. If your dad likes to be more of a home body, why not get him a home theatre system?

The surround system created by the home theatre and a big screen is just like having a front-row seat to the game (ok...not quite, but it's still impressive). He can host game day with the family to show off his setup, and have the ultimate movie experience without the overpriced tickets. A TV home theatre is also a great gift idea for gaming dads as the wide screen gives them a better view, and the sound system brings the game to life. Back Market has a whole TV and home theatre catalog with the best online prices for you to choose from, including  soundbars starting from $69 and quality TVs from $211.34.

6. Video Game Consoles for The Gamer Dad

Boys will always be boys, as the proverb goes; and they will always love toys. Picture this: it's the Christmas holidays, and your dad is lounging with his grandchildren, playing a game on the Xbox together, having a great time, and bonding. It's a great gift idea for your dad! Perhaps your dad is laid-back and chilled out; he might love to kick back and spend a few hours playing Nintendo. It has retro games that your dad is guaranteed to love; it might even be hard to get him to put it down :D. Back Market has the best deals on Video game consoles like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation, as well as gaming accessories from controllers to video games. Check out our range of Nintendos consoles including the original Game Boy for $59.99 (what a throwback!)

7. Cameras for the Creative Dad

As dads head towards retirement, they often start to explore and discover new interests and hobbies like photography. Pictures remind us of the good times, and photography brings out the creativity in us. It can be an opportunity to go to new places, see new things and have new experiences. 

A camera would be a subtle and thoughtful gift idea for a dad who has everything and who means the world to you. There are many types of cameras you can get for your dad, like the Reflex Canon EOS 4000D for $306.99, which is good for outdoor photography, or the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI Instant Film Camera for $54.95, to create family polaroid pictures. We have deals on cameras that are too good to resist, that are up to 20% cheaper than new models.

8. Noise-cancelling Headphones for the Busy Dad

With the new norm of working from home, focus can be a hurdle. Distractions are usually everywhere, from the TV being on too loud, the neighbor's dogs barking, and cars thundering down the street. With noise-canceling headphones, all unnecessary distractions are kicked to the curb, and you can work efficiently. Studies have shown that working or studying while playing ambient sounds or calming music can boost productivity. At Back Market, we have a wide range of headphones from top brands like Sony and Bose, starting from as little as $9.99.

9. Vacuum Cleaners for the Neat Freak Dads

You know the feeling: you have unexpected guests over, and you suddenly realize your house is a total mess with dust and crumbs all over the floor. A robot vacuum cleaner is a solution. It takes away the stress of vacuuming the house and instead automatically turns on at particular times every day to pick up dirt and dust. It's a game-changer for your daily cleaning routine. A robot vacuum has to be hands down one of the best Christmas gift ideas to buy for the dad that needs to have everything clean. He can incorporate cleaning with tech and have time to relax. We've got great deals on vacuum cleaners - pick one up for around $84.99. 

10. A Kindle for the Bookworm Dads

If your dad is a bookworm who prefers to spend his downtime relaxing with a novel, then a Kindle is the perfect gift for him. A Kindle is super convenient for book lovers as they can have over 100 books in their pocket at any time. There are a sea of books to choose from on Kindle; once purchased, they remain in your library forever. eBooks are often cheaper than buying a physical copy; what's more, you can sometimes get free books from the Amazon store. Kindles don't only give you access to books, but also to the internet, music, and games. This is a perfect gift for dads who like a slower-paced life. Get a refurbished Kindle with 16GB storage at only $105, and with free standard shipping.

11. Accessories for the Dad who has it all

Anyone that owns a phone, laptop, iPad, iMac, or any electronic device needs accessories. Choose from chargers, phone cases, screen protectors, computer mice, webcams, chargers, keyboards, monitors, and so much more. Buying an accessory for a device that your dad already owns is sweet and caring, as he might not have the time to search for one. If you've purchased him a games console, why not get him some games to go with it? Or if you've picked him up an Apple Watch, throw in a protective case as a little extra. At Back Market, we offer quality accessories for smartphones, MacBooks, iPads, AirPods, and even video games. Our products are genuine and pocket friendly. You even get a 30 days to change your mind and a 1 year warranty for peace of mind.

12. GoPro for the Action Star Dad

Does your dad still love to live life a little on the edge? Well, a GoPro just might be one of the best gifts you could give him. What better way for him to share his experience with his family and friends while surfing, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, dirt biking, hang gliding, ice climbing or whatever it is that he loves to do? GoPro is sure to capture his most extreme moments in life starting for as low as $54.99

The Gift of Refurbished Tech

You don't need to give a gift in order to show you love someone, but giving your dad something that he'll actually use and appreciate can speak volumes about the amount of time and effort that you put into your gifting. If you're searching for a gift for the guy who has everything, Black Market is a one-stop shop for great gift ideas for dad. Surprise him with a gift or two from our store at prices that are heavily discounted compared to new devices. We offer free standard shipping, a 12-month warranty on all our products as well as 30 days to change your mind. 

Advantages of buying refurbished:

  • You get quality products that are refurbished and tested to ensure that the device is working as good as new, with a battery performing to at least 85% of capacity.
  • It helps you save money - when you buy refurbished electronics, you can save up to 70% of what it costs if you had bought it brand new from the store.
  • You save the planet from added electronic waste, which is an ongoing issue in a world that is run by tech.

We also have a buy-back option for you to sell us your old phone, tablet, game console or headphone devices. This is an opportunity to get some extra cash and spend it on the best gift for your dad. Back Market makes the process simple: get an offer from our refurbishers, accept the offer, ship your old device to us, and the money is sent to your account. You get cash, not store points or discounts. It's a win-win situation that'll brighten up everyone's Christmas!

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