Increase Productivity with these Employee Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for your staff

Christmas gift ideas for employees
I want to treat my employees this Christmas

Got some good employees in your business but don’t know what to buy them for Christmas? Well today is your lucky day: we thought about you and want to give you suggestions for gifts you can buy your staff that will further help them increase their productivity and make you the #1 boss in the world :D

Upgrade your employees with a refurbished iMac this Christmas

If you run an office and have employees that spend their whole day on the computer, a refurbished iMac can exponentially improve their workflow and productivity. Ok, maybe not exponentially, but they will definitely work better with one of these computers. And now, thanks to Back Market and refurbished Apple products, you can finally get an iMac that’s actually affordable. You can thank the refurbished gods for that one—wink wink.

Get your employees cheap iPhones for Christmas

Do your employees need new phones? There really is no reason to purchase a new iPhone anymore now that models from last year are so much cheaper and just as reliable. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 11 also has much better battery life than the new iPhone 12. Yet another reason to buy a refurbished iPhone this Christmas.

Any employee would be happy to get an iPad for Christmas

If all your employees in your company are already hooked up with good computers and phones, consider getting them iPads as a little treat. If you buy refurbished iPads this Christmas, you can buy a few of these for the price of one new iPad.

Do your employees work remote? Upgrade them to MacBooks this Christmas

If you have employees that work remote and/or need to travel for work, they’re probably using some cheap Windows laptop that may be starting to give them a few headaches. I’m sure they would appreciate being upgraded to a refurbished MacBook Air or Pro as a Christmas gift :D

Don’t want your employees missing a beat? Get them Apple Watches for Christmas 2020

If you need your workers staying on top of all their notifications, messages, and calls, perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in some cheap Apple Watches this Christmas? These are super cheap if you buy them refurbished, you can get an Apple Watch with us for as low as $100. The savings will really add up if you want to buy a few of these for your team at work.

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Were these ideas helpful? Even though these Christmas gifts for your employees may be slightly more expensive than just a bottle of wine or some chocolate, they can actually help your team members excel at their jobs, in addition to making them feel valued. We’re here to help you invest in your team this holiday season :D

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