Christmas gift ideas for employees

Top 12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Updated Dec 22, 2022 - Finding the ideal present for an employee can be challenging, especially when your budget is limited and you have multiple employees to shop for. But worry no more, because we have a gift list that any worker will appreciate and Back Market can help you save some money with refurbished tech.

Employee gift ideas from Back Market

Looking for a few Christmas gift ideas for your staff or maybe you decided that you want to show a little appreciation for one or two of your employees? It can definitely be difficult to shop for one of your workers, but depending on your budget, you might consider a few of these tech gift ideas. Electronics might seem like higher priced gifts, but they don't always have to be and Back Market can help make sure of that.

Back Market is an e-commerce platform for refurbished electronics from your favorite brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Sony. We work with a team of professional refurbishers to give a second life to used electronics, giving you an alternative to spending top dollar on buying the newest devices. We work with only certified refurbishers that meet our high quality standards to ensure our customers can’t even tell the difference between a new and a refurbished device. You get the savings and the planet catches a break from megatons of electronic waste.

Whether or not you’re on board with gifting refurbished, this gift guide should still help give you a few ideas on what to get for your employees.

1. A Tablet: The crowd pleaser

Tablets are a great holiday gift idea especially if you have several employees because they're incredibly versatile and an easy crowd pleaser. They're great for reading, watching movies, browsing the internet, playing games, and listening to music. Plus, they make connecting with friends and family more effortless than ever via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also use your tablet for work by storing documents or using popular apps such as Word or Excel to complete tasks at home when a computer isn't available. 

The best part is you can still gift these without needing to set a high budget when you shop for refurbished tablets. For example, you can currently find the Galaxy Tab 8.0 or a 4th Generation iPad for under $50 on Back Market!

2. AirPods: The best employee stocking-stuffer

For lots of people, life revolves around music, and a productive working environment can be optimized with some background noise to enhance focus. Everybody has experienced the frustrating mess of earbud wires, especially when pressed for time. All of these issues are solved with AirPods, which makes them a small, but still amazing gift for your employee.

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth devices compatible with a laptop or smartphone. They are lightweight, simple to use, and compatible with the voice assistant, Siri. They're a lifesaver for zoom meetings and can be utilized outside of the work environment as well (great for your employee who likes to workout during the week). 

Apple products tend to be more expensive, but you can save a little extra on your holiday budget when you shop at Back Market. You can currently find 2nd Gen Apple AirPods for under $85.

3. Headphones: More budget-friendly audio gifts for bigger offices

If you like the idea of gifting AirPods, but Apple products are slightly out of your holiday budget because you have a bigger office, then you can always find great alternatives with wireless headphones. To effectively reduce ambient noise in a work setting, noise-canceling headphones are highly recommended and can help keep your employees focused.

They make excellent gifts for employees in management, accounting, law offices or any other professions who need to pay close attention to detail. Plus, users can enjoy the hands-free functionality to make calls. Back Market has a range of Bluetooth headphones from companies like Beats by Dre, Sony, and JBL. You can currently find some great options on Back Market for as low as $20, giving you more flexibility to find the right price in your budget.