Want a Raise? Best Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

I'm guessing your boss is on the "nice" list

Get the perfect Christmas gift for your boss
Christmas gifts for your favorite boss

Have a boss you really enjoy working with? Want to cement your place as his/her favorite employee? If that’s the case, one of these Christmas gift ideas may be the key :D

Get your boss the ultimate office computer this Christmas

Does your boss have an old computer that isn’t quite cutting the cheese anymore? The ultimate desktop computer is the iMac, and I’m sure your boss would love one of those. And thanks to refurbished Apple products from Back Market, these great computers are finally affordable this Christmas.

Quick tip: Don't forget to ask your coworkers if they want to chip in to buy your boss a Christmas gift! Then you'll be paying a lot less out of your own pocket :)

Is the iMac a little too much money?

If you feel the iMac is a little too expensive, consider getting your boss a Mac Mini for this Christmas. If your boss already has a keyboard and monitor that he/she already likes, this may actually be a better choice. A Mac Mini can be just as powerful as an iMac, but costs a lot less. And it’s just so cute and mini :)

Get your boss an Apple Watch this Christmas for stellar multitasking

The Apple Watch is a great way to stay on top of messages, reminders, and fitness. If you have a really busy boss, consider buying an Apple Watch as a thoughtful Christmas gift. And if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can just get one of these refurbished! Did you know that you can get a refurbished Apple Watch for as low as $100?

Other ways to make your boss feel special this Christmas

The last gift suggestion we have is something deeper that can go together with any one of these gifts—or without them altogether! When in doubt, you can always write a card and spill some feelings/emotions in there. Maybe you want to tell your boss that you really appreciate all the things he or she may have taught you in this job? Or maybe you really enjoy his or her jokes? Whichever one, we hope this list gave you some ideas for what gift to get your boss this Christmas! Remember, at the end of the day, it's always the thought that counts the most :)

One last idea! If you have a boss that spends a lot of time in calls or just needs headphones to tune out noise, consider these refurbished Bose headphones and headsets!

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