Get the perfect Christmas gift for your boss

Top 12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Updated Dec 13, 2022 - Giving your boss a gift is a thoughtful gesture that conveys your gratitude for their hard work and dedication to their position. Here are some fantastic holiday gift suggestions in tech for your boss if he or she made it to your "nice" list this year.

Christmas gifts for your favorite boss

Have a boss you really enjoy working with? Want to cement your place as his/her favorite employee? If that’s the case, one of these Christmas gift ideas may be the key.

Of course, you may not want to spend the majority of your holiday gift-giving budget on your boss over your close friends and family, but these suggestions can help you start thinking of great and unique gift ideas your boss might appreciate in a few different price ranges. And of course, you can always save more when you shop at Back Market for used tech that has been 'reborn' into like-new condition.

1. Camera - for the boss who loves photography

Does your boss love keeping memories or have a desk full of pictures? Well, a camera is a great way to show that you care about their photography hobby. The best part? You don't have to break the bank! Refurbished cameras from Back Market are high quality and have been tested by our team of experts. We ensure that every product is in perfect working order before it gets sent out, so you can be sure that your gift for your boss will be appreciated and put to good use. We have retro cameras starting for as low as $30.99 to meet your strictest budgets.

2. Phone Case - for the overly clumsy boss

A practical, but fun gift for your boss especially if they have a trouble keeping a grip on their phone. The best part is that you can find customizeable options, so you can add pictures, designs, and text to the case to make it memorable for your boss.

Check out our selection of smartphone cases for Apple and Samsung models. You'll find great products that protects your phone from scratches, dust, or daily wear and tear while maintaining a sleek look. This is perfect for a low budget gift that you can make meaningful.

3. Coffee Maker - for the boss running on fumes

A coffee maker might be a unique gift, but if you hardly see your boss without a coffee mug in hand or if they always seem to have a mid-afternoon lull, then it could be the perfect gift idea. You can pick something simple and less expensive that has one brew setting or upgrade to something a little fancier if you know your boss is particular about their coffee. Either way, this gift is great to use at the office or at home and is  budget-friendly with prices starting at $39.99