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iPhone 8 64GB - Space Gray Unlocked

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In buying a Used & Refurbished iPhone 8, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 71 Pringles. Yum-o.

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The holidays are here, and so are the iPhone 8 deals

What iPhone have you been dreaming of this holiday season? Chances are whichever one it is, it's probably too expensive lol. But legit, iPhones keep getting more expensive, and there are rarely any deals on Christmas, Cyber Monday, or Black Friday from major retailers to really offset these crazy prices. However, thanks to the refurbished market, there's finally a way to get a cheap iPhone. And if you're shopping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday iPhone deals, we'll give you some offers that are really hard to resist. And no matter what day of the year it is, you'll see similarly amazing discounts.

Refurbished iPhone 8 devices

Get a used iPhone 8 for an unbeatable price thanks to Back Market

As one of Apple’s relatively new creations, the iPhone 8 requires a significant financial investment. At Back Market, you can find refurbished iPhone 8 devices for a drastically reduced price – letting you enjoy the best of Apple’s expertise without breaking the bank.

A used iPhone 8 that’s like new

Released in September 2017, the iPhone 8 remains one of the flagship models of the Apple brand. Well loved by consumers, this model will still cost a significant amount of money to make your own. But not when you buy an iPhone 8 from Back Market. We have all the classic colors from the brand available – including gold, space gray and silver. We also have the refurbished iPhone 8 available in the limited edition red color, for those who like to stand out. Each product undergoes numerous tests to guarantee you impeccable quality. For even more peace of mind, Back Market also offers a minimum 12-month guarantee.

The iPhone 8: a concentration of next-gen technology

Thanks to your certified pre-owned iPhone 8, you can enjoy top-flight performance at a discount price. The iPhone 8 comes in a 64GB or 256GB model, with all devices fitted with the A11 Bionic chip with Neural Engine – well known for its responsiveness and smooth performance running even the most demanding apps. Encased in glass and aluminum, the elegantly designed iPhone 8 is also resistant to water and dust: providing additional peace of mind for the accident-prone. Finally, thanks to Touch ID authentication, unlocking your refurbished iPhone 8 can be done in the blink of an eye.

Refurbished iPhone 8 for HD images

When you buy an iPhone 8, you get easy access to high quality optics. With a 4.7 inch Retina HD screen, the refurbished iPhone 8 offers perfect viewing comfort and high-quality shooting. If you're a fan of photos and videos, the 256GB iPhone 8 will give you plenty of space for storing memories you capture with the 12-megapixel camera (f / 1.8 aperture) and automatic HDR camera mode. The 5x digital zoom capability of this smartphone lets you give free rein to your creativity. As for video, capturing your holiday memories in 4K quality up to 60 frames / second couldn’t be easier. In idle mode, the refurbished iPhone 8 also ensures video is captured in full HD with a resolution of 1080p for 240 fps. But the performance of the refurbished iPhone 8 does not stop there! It also boasts a 7 MP fitted to the front of the device, also packed with features including automatic HDR and the ability to record in full HD.

Manage your schedule, watch your favorite TV series and immortalize your holidays with high-quality equipment. Cheap iPhone 8 devices are available from Back Market – so you can have the latest technology without breaking the bank.

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