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In buying a Used & Refurbished iPhone 11, you're helping prevent 7 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 100 Pringles. Yum-o.

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iPhone 11 Black Friday Deals

Looking for big savings on an iPhone 11 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal? Well we have good news! Since these Black Friday iPhone 11 deals are refurbished, it means that you’re getting a device that looks and works just like a new one, but for a lot less money. And that’s a win-win for you, and for the planet! It’s Back Market’s mission to promote a culture of reuse and recycling.

iPhone 11 Cyber Monday Deals

Whether you’re looking to buy an iPhone 11 for Cyber Monday or Black Friday, we got you covered :D We have some of the best deals for both of these holidays! If you missed getting a deal for Black Friday, you’ll still find a lot of great deals on the iPhone 11 for Cyber Monday or Christmas.

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One of the latest additions to the Apple iPhone line, the iPhone 11 brings in the same great size and functionality as the iPhone XR that came before it. But this one is special because it's got a better dual camera than the single one in the iPhone XR. Yes, the chip is also a little faster than the one in the iPhone XR, but the difference is really negligible. All the newest iPhones have very similar chips that are all really quick. iPhones generally stay quicker than Samsung Galaxy devices for a longer amount of time thanks to better chips and updates.

And of course, let's not forget about Christmas

If you've missed your chance to buy something for Cyber Monday or Black Friday, not to worry! Christmas is just around the corner, and you'll be sure to find iPhone 11 Christmas deals on our site for these holidays. And even if you miss Christmas, there's no reason to worry, because we try our best to give you the best deals year round.

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It's no secret that iPhones lose a big chunk of their value after the first year. And let's face it, no matter how great iPhones are, they shouldn't cost $1000 or more. This is why we suggest getting one that's certified refurbished from us :D The differences that are introduced with each new generation of iPhone have become very minor; all recent iPhones have awesome cameras, so there's no need to look at megapixel numbers or other specs. The only thing that you might want to check is whether the iPhone uses Face ID or Touch ID as the primary unlock method. These two technologies are super sweet, but depending on how you use your smartphone, you may prefer to unlock your phone with a fingerprint as opposed to your face.

The used iPhone 11 is one of the best iPhones to buy refurbished

Equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina display and Bionic A13 chip, the refurbished iPhone 11 delivers even quicker performance than the brand's previous models. This version also has slightly faster Wi-Fi than its predecessors (thanks to compatibility with the WiFi 6 standard), as well as an extra hour of runtime when compared to the XR model. As you can tell, this isn't a huge step up, but who doesn't want more battery life?

The same great 4G LTE we've come to expect from Apple iPhones

I don't know about you, but I love streaming video and music all day from my smartphone. Thanks to the iPhone 11's big screen and long battery life, you can get the most out of your data connection. Whichever carrier you're on, whether it's Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you can be sure that the refurbished iPhone 11 will be an awesome choice--just make sure you get one that's made for your network or one that's unlocked for all networks. Then just pop in your SIM card and you should be good to go :D And if you're wondering if the iPhone 11 refurbished is a better value than other used iPhones on our website, feel free to compare some of the prices and offers from the list of links below! If you end up buying an iPhone 11 used, we want to make sure you're going to be totally satisfied with your purchase! It's why we sell all our iPhones with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Maybe this isn't the iPhone you're looking for? Or maybe you want an unlocked iPhone? Let us help you find the right fit :)

Unlocked iPhones are perfect for you if you travel a lot or if you're thinking about changing carriers! There's nothing better than a phone that's flexible with your lifestyle :) Although the iPhone 11 refurbished is a great choice no matter how you plan to use it, iPhones come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and there's no reason why not to explore the rest of the diverse range of Apple iPhone models :D