Refurbished iPhone X

Refurbished iPhone X

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iPhone X 64GB Space Gray - Unlocked

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In buying a Refurbished iPhone X, you're helping prevent 6 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 85 Pringles. Yum-o.

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iPhone X
The iPhone X could be considered the second most important phone in Apple's history, after the original iPhone released in 2007.
Although Apple company has launched many attractive phones such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 5S with Touch ID, it is the iPhone X who makes a drastic change in design and separates from its most characteristic component: the Start button.
How much is the iPhone X? The iPhone X price in USA starts at 999 and went on sale on Nov 3rd. It is a revolutionary model since is the first phone that encourages users to feel comfortable using their face as an authentication method.
TheApple iPhone X has no longer the fingerprint reader and Start button. Now, every time you try to unlock it, the phone will scan your face using Face ID, the facial recognition technology embedded in the top of the screen. To convince consumers, the iPhone X also comes equipped with a powerful processor, improved dual rear camera, and many new software features. All wrapped in a body of glass and steel. iPhone X colors are elegant, and available in only two shades: silver and space grey.
The iPhone X Apple has a new versatile feature called TrueDepth, which refers to the marketing term for all the components behind the (notch) tab at the top of the iPhone X screen. TrueDepth is the set of all the components in that space, that give life to Face ID, the ambient sensor to modify the illumination of the screen and the front camera of 7 megapixels for selfies. The components that activate Face ID are part of TrueDepth, but not all TrueDepth components are used in Face ID.
Face ID sensors are activated to recognize your face and unlock your mobile phone, allow you to enter a blocked application, authorize a purchase on iTunes or the App Store, or make a payment in a physical store with Apple Pay. The New iPhone X is apple's celebration of 10 years and it seems like Apple took the best of each phone over the past decade and placed them on the iPhone X.
The result was a brand new and beautiful cell phone with the signature of Cupertino and seasoned with changes as shiny stainless steel and a reinforced steel frame - one that Apple claims to be the toughest that it has ever used. The iPhone X feels portable, rigid, sturdy and comfortable in the hand. Despite its 5.8-inch screen - larger than that of the iPhone 8 Plus -, the iPhone X is almost the same size as the 4.7-inch iPhone. It gives the feeling of having a small phone but with a huge screen.
In performance testing, the iPhone X takes Android's top-of-the-range cell phones off the road, despite having a 3GB RAM memory, a six-core A11 Bionic processor and a battery whose exact capacity is unknown for now, Apple claims that it provides two hours more than the iPhone 7 (which has a battery of 1,960mAh).
Face ID works very well in common situations, the OLED display is very beautiful and eye-catching, the design is attractive and the performance is excellent. The rear and front camera have been punctually enhanced. The iPhone X is, despite its price, is the best cell phone Apple has made with the innovation of the Face ID and its attractive design of glass and steel. It is definitely one of the best cell phones in the industry.