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Refurbished iPhone XR

Our very best Refurbished iPhone XR:


iPhone XR 64GB - Black - Unlocked

Works with:
-40% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Stallone
6 oz of e-waste saved

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Refurbished iPhone XR devices

Find the best refurbished iPhone XR devices on Back Market

Do you like saving money without compromising? If so, you'll love the refurbished iPhone XR selection at Back Market. We have all the latest models, in the full array of colors, with different storage capacities suited to your needs – and all are available at a significantly discounted price compared to the cost of a new device. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself.

The iPhone XR is a jewel of technology

A direct descendant of the iPhone X, this model makes no concessions on design and quality. Like all other models from the American firm, the new or refurbished iPhone XR stands out as a high-end smartphone. Covered in sleek glass and metal, it is elegant and easy to handle. And on the performance side, the quality does not disappoint. It boasts a cutting-edge LCD screen with impeccable brightness and irreproachable readability – and is also equipped with Apple’s facial recognition technology Face ID. Its A12 Bionic chip is a marvel of modern technology, helping maintain fluidity whatever the task. And as for its durability, again, nothing is left to chance – as the iPhone XR is both waterproof and dustproof.

Buy an iPhone XR at the best price

As one of the latest Apple models, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, cheap iPhone XR handsets are available thanks to Back Market – that can save you many tens if not hundreds of dollars. All carefully selected, tested and repaired to the highest performance standards, where required, these refurbished models are available with significant discounts – making it easy and fast to buy the iPhone XR you’ve dreamed of. Just choose the color (black, white, red, coral, yellow or blue) and storage capacity you want (iPhone XR 64GB, 128 GB or 256 GB) and your refurbished iPhone XR will be with you in no time at all.

Enjoy a ‘like new’ product at the best price

While the price of a certified pre-owned iPhone XR is no doubt appealing, so too is the quality of the device. Back Market is committed to offering only devices that are refurbished to a high standard and in perfect working condition. Each of them passes through the hands of experts, who test it rigorously across dozens of performance indicators – repairing where necessary to make the device as good as new. We are so confident in the quality of our refurbished iPhone XR devices that we guarantee them for at least 12 months – ensuring you are not running any risk by opting for this low-cost alternative.

Gaining traction as something of a social phenomenon, refurbished devices offer a secondary advantage over just being more affordable. Buying a refurbished device diverts this potential electronic waste from landfill – helping preserve the enivronment while still enabling consumers to get the device they want. It seems this method of consumption is becoming more and more popular as we start to look more closely at our lasting impact on the planet.