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Galaxy Note10 Plus 256GB - Aura Glow Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Mint
7 oz of e-waste saved

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note devices

Get a refurbished Samsung Galaxy for a great price with Back Market

With styluses and oversized screens, the Samsung Galaxy Note range stands out from the crowd. However the price can also stand out, for being excessively high. Unless you choose to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note from Back Market that is.

Embrace your inner artist with a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note

The S-Pen stylus is the star feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9. For these premium models, the South Korean manufacturer has embedded some outstanding features, such as the ability to write animated messages and notes on the fly, even on lock screen, on the Note 8, and an integrated Bluetooth connection that turns the stylus into a remote control for the Note 9. You can turn your pencil into a selfie stick, or as a contoller for your music on Spotify and Deezer. Whether it's the 8 or 9 version you choose, a certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy Note is a Swiss army knife of a device!

Enjoy the power of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is famous for its stylus as well as its raw power. A refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a 2.3 GHz Exynos processor and 6GB of RAM for the Note 8 model, or a 2.7 GHz Exynos 9810 and 6GB of RAM for the Note 9. This means both devices can run multiple games and applications simultaneously without slowing down.

Shining in all areas, the Samsung Galaxy Note has only one problem: a hefty price tag. To get a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note head over to Back Market’s website – where our high-quality refurbished devices retail for significantly less than the in-store price.