Get a Pixel for the Price of a Pencil this Christmas :)

Buy Pixels for your whole family this Christmas

Should I buy a Samsung or Pixel Phone this Christmas?

If you've already read our other article about the best Christmas deals on Android phones, you may have realized that we focused primarily on Samsung devices. Even though Samsung phones are more popular than Pixels, that doesn't mean that they're necessarily better.

Advantages of Samsung Phones

Here's why Google Pixels rock

Our favorite Android phones in terms of styling and design

Usually the first to receive Android OS updates

Flagships come with top-notch hardware and batteries

Receive major Android OS updates for at least 3 years after their release

Perhaps the best screen technology out of all Android phones

Perhaps the most user-friendly Android devices

The Pixel 3 is our favorite Pixel deal for Christmas 2020

What's so awesome about our Pixel 3 Christmas deals? Probably the fact that you can now get a Pixel 3 for under $200 refurbished. The Pixel 3 is now 2 years old, but you can still expect it to run the newest version of Android for at least another year. It also has a premium feel to it thanks to its glass/aluminum frame.